Target Remarketing Audiences with Facebook Ads

Facebook has many options to remarket to people who are already interested in your business, regardless of your campaign goal. Open Facebook Ads Manager, navigate to your Audiences Library, and you can build an audience. Select Custom Audience and click the blue button to create an audience. Next, choose the data source that you would like to use.

Facebook Page Remarketing Audience

Retargeting people who have interacted on your get facebook likes uk is a good option if you have a large audience. You can increase your conversion rate by targeting people with higher interest levels, such as those who have viewed a video or messaged you.

Shopping Remarketing Audience

Do you have a Facebook store? Retargeting people who interact with your Facebook shop can be done in many ways.

  • Viewing product or collection images
  • Facebook: Save products
  • Add products to your shopping cart
  • Start a Facebook checkout
  • Click here to see the effects on your site

Targeting people who have purchased products from your Facebook shop is also possible. This approach is more affordable than trying to find new customers and can help you achieve your goals.

Website Remarketing Audience

Have you already installed the Facebook Pixel on your website? Pixel data can be used to retarget users who have visited certain pages, such as blogs or lead magnets that are related to your offer in an ad.

These events can be used to grow your remarketing list if you have prioritized conversions in Facebook Events Manager. You can, for example, retarget people who have completed the Lead event to guide them closer to a conversion.

Ad Remarketing Audience

Are you familiar with Facebook advertising campaigns? Retargeting people engaged with certain ad types allows you to further guide prospects through the ad channel. You can, for example, remarket to people that opened an instant experience or lead form (see below), even if they haven’t converted.

Promote and Identify Top-Converting Landing Pages

It is important to have a regular Facebook publishing schedule for organic conversions. It can be challenging to track what is driving sales and leads if you have multiple lead magnets and eCommerce links. Facebook Insights can track clicks but can’t tell if they resulted in conversions.

It would help if you had a web analytics software like Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to track conversions and monitor user behavior through Facebook traffic.

You can set custom goals to track lead magnet downloads and contact form submissions in Google Analytics. You can track conversion rates and revenue if your company offers eCommerce.

Next, create a segment that filters Facebook traffic. Clicking the Landing Pages or the Reverse Goal Path view will reveal which landing pages, blog posts, or lead magnets have generated the highest conversions. These insights can guide your Facebook calendar and create more effective lead-generation content.

An organic strategy can be sufficient to generate enough leads or converts depending on your company’s goals. A paid plan might be necessary if your goals are more complex or your audience is small. Look at the best get facebook followers uk strategies for generating leads and sales.

Launch Conversion Ads

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Facebook Ads’ conversion goal to drive leads or sales on your website. You need to set up conversion tracking. This will allow you to count conversions accurately and optimize your ad delivery.

Open Events Manager to set up conversion tracking. Locate your pixel. Add web events one at a time to the Aggregated Events Measurement tab. Add your most important events, such as subscriptions, purchases, leads, subscriptions, or trials, to the top of the list. You can add events of lower priority, such as page views or contacts, further down the list.

You can optimize delivery by configuring web events when you create an ad set with the conversion objective. This allows you to target leads, subscriptions, purchases, or other conversion events that you have prioritized.

Run Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Facebook Ads’ lead-generation objective is a great way to increase your sales pipeline. This objective allows you to get people to contact your business through automated chat or fill out an instant form. This will enable you to learn more about your customers and help them move toward a sale.

While the lead generation objective is a great way to get leads using native Facebook tools, it’s not the only option for connecting with prospects. Facebook Ads has a conversion objective that allows you to direct people to your site. They will be able to access your content and their contact information. This objective can be used successfully if you offer a high-value lead magnet.

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