The 5 Best Features of a Support Ticket Management System

Support ticketing management system

An effective support ticket management system will not only keep your customers happy, but it can also make your support team more efficient, boost your telecom business reputation and save you time and money in the long run. 

Take these five features into consideration when shopping around for a ticket management system that’s right for you and your business needs.

1) Customer Service Integration

No customer service tool is complete without integration with customer support software. If you manage multiple businesses and want to be able to leverage your existing customer support software and tickets, look for telecom ticket management systems that can connect with those platforms, and if you’re already using support ticket software, make sure that it integrates with other channels. 

2) Time Tracking and Billing

Tracking how you spend your time and billing clients for services is standard fare for service-based companies. From an operational standpoint, it’s helpful to be able to easily track who spent how much time on what and bill accordingly.

Additionally, if your staff members are required to submit timesheets for their hours every week or month, reporting features on your ticketing software can make that process seamless.

3) User Capabilities

Just because one department might need access to a ticket system doesn’t mean every employee should have access. Setting up multiple users for different departments ensures that only those employees with specific jobs or projects can view or work on tickets related to their department. 

For example, if you have an IT department that handles all technical support questions, then make sure your ticketing system has capabilities for both creating and assigning tickets as well as setting permissions based on job function.

4) Chat Feature

A live chat feature in Support Ticket Management System is great for answering customer questions, reducing wait times and improving your site’s conversion rate. Chat also allows you to build stronger relationships with customers by providing immediate responses. 

As soon as your customers start talking to one another they’ll feel more comfortable buying products or services from you. This can build trust, which leads to repeat business and positive reviews.

5) Simple & Easy Interface

Users shouldn’t have to struggle to find how to contact support. The entire interface should be clear and easy to use, with all necessary information clearly labelled. 

Look for Support Ticket Management systems that offer clean interfaces and are compatible with other tools your team may use, such as CRM software. You want something consistent and built with a strong foundation in mind, not slapped together to make it seem like you have all your bases covered.

Scheduling Capabilities

A good support ticket management system should be able to schedule techs to work on incoming tickets. Without a scheduling option, you could be holding up other customers or setting your team up for failure—either way, it’s not ideal. With scheduling capabilities in place, you can maximize productivity and make sure that everyone on your tech team is working when they need to be.

Integration with Sales Funnels

Once you have established that your customer’s issue is one worth addressing, another important factor to consider is how it will affect future sales. If your support team fails to adequately address a customer’s concern or address it in a timely manner, then there is a chance they will abandon their purchase and take their business elsewhere.

While you may be able to get away with poor service for some time, if it becomes too common customers will begin to recognize your brand as unreliable and untrustworthy. This is why integration with sales funnels is so important—it helps ensure that once a customer reaches out for help, your company can respond quickly and efficiently without disrupting any other processes.


Use common sense. Customer support is an incredibly crucial part of any online business. As such, make sure that you’re including quality customer support in your ticket management system from day one. 

More than just technical service and troubleshooting issues, good customer support means building rapport with customers to get them more invested in your company and its products.

It means keeping records of their preferences for personalization; it means communicating regularly about sales and special offers everything that will keep customers coming back for more.

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