The Best Learning Toys for 4 Year Olds: What to Get and Why

Are you trying to find the best learning toys for 4 year olds? As your child enters their fourth year, they will start to become more independent and develop a stronger sense of imagination. They’ll also begin to pay more attention to detail and recognize patterns, which is why this is such an important time for their development. Thankfully, there are plenty of toys that can support their development — in fact, we’ve compiled this helpful guide on the best learning toys for 4 year olds and these toys can be found on GIGI Bloks! Keep reading to learn more…

Why Are Toys So Important When Learning?

Toys are crucial for your child’s development at this age for a number of reasons. First, they’re fun and engaging — which makes it much easier for your child to concentrate and focus on the activities. They’ll also help your child build important skills that they can take with them into their schooling years and beyond, including fine motor skills, language development, and basic problem-solving skills. Moreover, toys can encourage your child to be more open and imaginative, which can help them develop their creativity. They’re also a great way to incorporate different subjects into your child’s playtime, making them even more beneficial.

Toys that Build Vocabulary and Language Skills

This is a great skill to help your child develop. Whether they’re talking with their friends, you, or even just themselves, they’re using their language and vocabulary skills. By playing with toys that encourage lots of discussions, your child will get even more practice with these important skills. By incorporating toys like puppets, talking toys, and even books, you can help your child develop their language skills even further.

Games to Develop Math Skills

If your child is a little bit older, you may also want to start looking for toys that can help them develop basic math skills. By playing with games like shape sorters, your child can build their understanding of shapes and how they can be used to create objects in the real world. Even toys that are designed for younger children can help your child develop their math skills. For example, stacking toys can be used to help your child understand how different-sized objects can be stacked together to create different structures.

Electronic Learning Toys

Electronic learning toys can be a great way to introduce your child to basic concepts and ideas. They’re also great if your child is a little bit older and can benefit from a little bit of extra support. Most electronic learning toys are designed to be used with your child’s tablet or smartphone, making them even more interactive and engaging. Some of the most popular toys and apps out there include language learning programs, science discoveries, and even simple number games.

Cooperative Games for Kids

Looking for toys that encourage your child to work together with others? Cooperative games are a great way to do just that! Cooperative games are designed to be played by multiple players at once, so they’re perfect for younger and older kids alike. By playing with these toys, your child can develop important social skills and learn how to work through conflict.

Sticker and Activity Books

Sticker and activity books can be a great way for your child to practice their creativity. They’re also a great way for your child to develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. By choosing books that incorporate a variety of activities — such as sticker sheets, mazes, word puzzles, etc. — you can help your child develop a variety of skills and grow in their imagination.

Playsets for Action Figures or Dolls

If your child has an interest in dolls or action figures, playsets are a great way to encourage their creativity and help them develop social skills. By playing with these toys with friends or family members (or even on their own), they can practice sharing and turn-taking while having fun at the same time!


There are a number of different toys out there that can help your child develop important skills. Many of these toys are also available in a range of different themes, so you can choose the one that best fits with your child’s interests. By choosing toys that build your child’s vocabulary, language, and math skills, as well as their creativity and imagination, you can really help them to grow in their independence and confidence.

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