The Three Basic Window Coverings You Should Know About

Window Covering

Windows play an important part in a home’s design and overall aesthetic. The number, length, and shape of the windows in your home can define how you choose to place furniture around them, and how you design a space’s overall feel. An essential part of adorning your windows are window coverings, which while helping you bring shade into a room and protecting intruders from the inside view, also help raise a room in the aesthetic sense. When it comes to windows, there are essentially three basic types of coverings that you should be familiar with, and all three are described below: 

1. Curtains

Curtains or drapes are essentially panels made out of fabric that is hung over windows in pairs. Curtains come in a variety of colors, sizes, fabrics, lengths, and thicknesses. They are a very popular choice for most homes as they can be used in bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, and even bathrooms alike. 

Whenever a homeowner sees a window that needs some sort of a covering, their mind automatically goes towards curtains as they are so common in most households that they are thought of as the default option for covering your windows. Curtains can be used to add a ton of color and texture to any space, and can instantly transform the overall feel of a room.

2. Blinds

Another common window covering or treatment that is predominantly found in many homes is window blinds. Blinds are often made out of plastic, vinyl, wood, or metals, and depending upon the user’s preference, and have high light blocking capabilities. They lift and down due to their mechanism and the way they are built. This mechanism comprises slats or louvers that can be titled open for light to enter a space, and closed to block light from entering together. 

One may also choose to partially open or close these blinds to control the angle and amount of light entering a room. They are popular choices for most homes and offices and are great for ensuring privacy in open spaces.

3. Shades

Shades are often confused with blinds but are far different from them in nature. Shades come in a variety of materials such as fabrics, vinyl, or bamboo, and are attached to a rod or a frame to be placed in front of a window. Unlike curtains, they do not hang with a length, and unlike blinds, they do not have openings in them. 

Simple shades are pretty inexpensive and have a very subtle yet charming sense of aesthetic about them. They tend to blend into their surroundings without being too over-the-top for basic varieties, but can also be used as a pop of color is used 


Blinds, curtains, and shades are the three most popular window coverings that most households adorn their windows with. Each of these coverings and window treatments has its pros and cons, along with a distinct aesthetic sense and functionality. Depending on their home’s interior and the space concerned, every homeowner can alternate between all three of these coverings in different colors, sizes, and patterns.

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