The three main types of juicers

You will find many juicers on the market, but there are only three main types. If you want to buy your first juicer or buy a new model. This article will help you a lot as we list the main types of electric juicers. Although you can find many juicers in the market. But it is worth knowing that there are only three main types. Visit celery juice machine for more details.

Centrifugal juicer

Chewing machine (one way)

Juicer (2 gears)

centrifugal force

Centrifugal juicers have a great high-speed motor that makes juicing quick and easy. The motor can run from 3000 rpm to 7000 rpm, making it the fastest juicer among all extractors. For those who have little time inside and want to make fresh juice in the shortest possible time. The centrifuge is the best choice. This is usually the cheapest electric juicer. Therefore, they are a great option for those on a budget.


Juicers operate at a slower speed than juicers. and extracting the juice through different mechanisms Use a single mechanical extractor to gradually extract fruits or vegetables and produce large amounts of juice Therefore, the juice yield and nutritional value is greater compared to juicers. The low speed of the juicer also significantly reduces the heat exposure of fruits and vegetables. which retains more live enzymes and antioxidants Make fruit juices healthier The low speed also ensures a very quiet juicer. So we can easily see why juicers are a popular choice for those focused on making healthy juices.


The juicer is the best juicer and works like a juicer. Although there are two mechanisms: when vegetables through the mechanism They would get the last drop of water that was taken out very slowly. Therefore, it is slightly more efficient than single phase extractors and has higher yields and less oxidation. These extractors are suitable for pressing wheatgrass. However, as with other “lean” vegetables, such as veggies, crushed juicers are more expensive. When you are in the habit of making healthy juices You need to know what type of juicer to buy. Although all types of juicers are fine. But choosing the right equipment for your smoothie needs is also important.

Commercial juicers make it easy to get nutritious juices from your own kitchen.

The sky is the limit when choosing a juicer, including style, brand and price. The most important feature doesn’t have to be the brand name or even your own expense. The way it works is in the method. Of the three different juicing methods currently presented. Crushed juicers are becoming more and more popular.

Chewing is the grinding and grinding of food with the teeth.

This is commonly known as chewing. Chewing food creates a larger surface area. This makes it easier to break down dietary fiber. A crushing juicer uses this “chewing” process to break down all the products. Then squeeze the juice from the meat.

There are two types of crushed juicers.

They are separated by the “chewing” mechanism of the product. The most commonly used method is the so-called single-bath method. The drill is a drill. The product is fed into the machine and “chewed” with a rotary cutter. The blade narrows the length of the support. This breaks the product into shreds. When the pasta is squeezed, the juice is released through a sieve at the bottom of the juicer.

Some pulverizers use a two-speed system and are also known as press juices.

Trituration is a method that allows substances to be broken down into very small particles. Often used for homogenization. Cast juicers are considered by some to be a category of their own. This juicer still uses “chewing” to break the product. Juicers are a subcategory of juicers.

These dual gear juicers are the most expensive of all commercial juicers.

but more useful They are also the best at what they do. The food is squeezed between the two synchronization mechanisms. Due to the high pressure generated by these stainless steel mechanisms, the juicer produces more juice than any other juicer on the market.

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