Top 5 Myths and Truths about Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

These days we see a lot of celebrities getting chemical peels don to keep their skin fresh and full of glow. It is a great way to make your skin look youthful, smooth, and glowy. Now, despite their popularity, there are a number of misconceptions that are spread among people.

With the onset of social media, there are obviously a thousand pros, but there are a number of cons too. The best approach is to focus on the pros while looking at the cons side by side. But, if you start listening to just selected information, you are doing yourself wrong. There is a lot of information that is spread on the internet and among people about chemical peels. But it is your responsibility to find out what is written right and what is wrong. 

The top cosmetologist in Lahore says that chemical peels are the most trendy and the most helpful methods to get that glow back in your life. Chemical peels help in opening the clogged pores and clear the dull skin by extracting all the dirt from the skin. It also helps greatly in refining open pores, improving the texture of the skin and the signs of aging.  

Now, to expect that you will be getting the desired results in a day is quite wrong, the results depend on a number of factors like your skin type, the strength of the skin, and the texture of your skin. But before we know more about chemical peels, let’s have a closer look at the myths and misconceptions spread about them. 

Myth 1: Chemical Peels take a lot of time to heal 

Chemical peels do not take a lot of time when it comes to healing. But to think that this time is too long, or this is going to be an issue with your everyday tasks is wrong. 

The most common peelings include the glycolic acid peels and the alpha-hydroxy peels and both of these procedures take very little time to recover the skin. There are some stronger peels too that can leave peeling arks and can cause redness. But this also doesn’t stay for long and can get better in little to no time. 

This is a complete myth and should be dispelled in no time, as there is no way peels take this much longer to heal. 

Myth 2: Chemical Peels are very bad for the skin

Now, this myth comes from the name itself. Whenever people hear the name ‘chemical’ they instantly think that this is something bad that they’ll be doing to their skin. 

Well, let me give you the good news that not all chemicals are bad for you. I will suggest you go for the treatment and not miss the opportunity if you get one. Now, during the chemical peel, there are chemicals used but these are formulated with great care by the chemists keeping into consideration different skin types. 

The active acids used in the chemicals are natural. So, the products used during the peel are quite safe to be used on the face. So thinking that the chemicals damage your skin is quite a myth and must be dispelled. 

Myth 3: Chemical Peels must be done only on bad skin

Well, thinking that peels must be done only on bad skin is completely wrong. Although there are chemical peels that can be used only to treat acne, acne spots, and sun spots on the skin. But that doesn’t mean chemical peels can’t be used on acne-free skin. 

It is mostly used to get the lost glow on the face back. It provides a fresh look to the skin. This particular procedure is used to prevent damage to the skin. 

Myth 4: All peels serve the same purpose

It must be noted that all chemical peels do increase the glow on the face but most of them can be used for some specific purposes. All of these chemical peels are divided and classified into different categories that must be used for specific purposes. 

These do rejuvenate the skin and get it back to life. They are also used to exfoliate the skin and make it have a strong barrier. 

Myth 5: Chemical peels take a long time 

Usually, a chemical peel takes around 20 minutes. During the process, the skin is cleared and a chemical solution is applied to the skin. Now, the time can vary also on the basis of the type of peel that you are getting. 

But it must be noted that it is not an extensive process and takes very less time. 


Chemical peels are quiet in and trendy but with this trend there comes a lot of misinformation that has been spread among people. It is now your responsibility to know what is true and what is made up and decide for yourself if you want to get the treatment done.

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