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My5tv is an on-demand television service offering access to shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA and 5ACTION as well as box sets and premieres of brand new shows.

My5tv is region-locked, meaning shows like Casualty or NCIS won’t be viewable outside the UK unless using a VPN to get around this restriction. But there is another way around it!

On-demand television service

My5.tv/activate on demand is a free service that allows you to watch shows that have already been broadcast or box sets not available currently on My5, accessible on most devices with standard internet connections; video quality depends upon both device type and bandwidth speed (at least 2Mbps is necessary to enjoy My5 on demand).

My 5 is available through several TV platforms, such as BT Vision, Freesat, Roku and Sky. With access to its vast library of entertainment such as Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away and Casualty as well as iconic soap operas like Neighbours and Home and Away; plus international big-name movie releases available as part of its program roster – My 5 has something for every taste!

My5 service is free to use, although you will have to contend with advertisements. It is available across a range of devices including smartphones and tablets and can even use VPN technology to bypass geo-blocks on My5.

My5 is an excellent way to watch UK TV abroad, thanks to its high-speed servers and no logs policy. You can connect up to six devices at once with fast download speeds – plus, there’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Streaming on a variety of devices

My5 TV can be found across a variety of devices – you’ll be sure to find it on your smart TV, laptop and tablet – free for use and offering movies and television shows from both Roku and Android TVs alike.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to stream My5 TV content without experiencing issues on your computer. A VPN enables you to connect to a server based in the UK, bypassing regional restrictions and providing smooth viewing experience of My5 TV content without hassles or complications.

If you aren’t yet a My5 member, signing up can be done easily by visiting their website and creating an account – whether using your existing email address or creating one new. After creating an account you’re all set to stream all your favorite My5 content!

My5http://rustoto.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5458&action=edit is an advertisement-supported service, so you must watch TV ads while using My5. However, there may be issues when streaming your favorite shows; errors when trying to stream certain programs could occur due to VPN restrictions; there may be solutions though!

G-rated content

My5 is an on-demand service provided through various TV platforms such as BT Vision, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and YouView that offers an expansive library of entertainment shows including dramas, soaps, documentaries and international big-name movies as well as popular reality series like Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore. Customers can set PINs to restrict content that requires guidhttp://www.rustoto.comance – my5 only operates within the UK though users may use VPN to unblock it!

My5 customers can save shows to their playlist and then access them across different devices seamlessly, while using parental PIN controls to limit children’s viewing of My5. Unfortunately, My5 only operates within the UK so this service may not be an ideal choice for international travelers.


If you own a My5 account, there are a variety of ways you can enhance your viewing experience. A PIN can prevent children from accessing unsuitable programs; you can use the app to save shows for later; make sure all devices running My5 have updated firmware and software; utilize Ethernet (wired internet) internet for optimal performance that reduces freezing issues;

If you want to watch My5 abroad, try StreamLocator as a VPN or DNS service provider. These services create a fake location when streaming services ask about where their content should come from, allowing geo-blocked content to bypass geo-restrictions. IPVanish works very quickly with My5, offering multiple UK servers, 30 day money-back guarantees, an independent audited no-logs policy and 30 day money-back guarantees; Private Internet Access also works well and boasts great speeds while working seamlessly with My5, Netflix US as well as more – plus it boasts no-logs policies as well as 24/7 support – making this option cost-effective too.

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