Vastu Tips For Your House

There is a lot to learn about vastus, and when you connect with the best astrologer, you can learn about Vastu shastra, which can be applied to your home. It will show how happy your future life will be in a house, depending on how efficiently your home is built. Most people apply as per the Vastu shastra, a Hindu architectural doctrine that directional alignment results in spiritual harmony. 

While most people would be aware of the importance of Vastu shastra, not many have a clear idea or understanding about how to implement the same in their house. Hence, here you can learn everything about tips for your house and understand directional alignments for different areas in your home by the best vastu astrologer. 

Vastu shastra, for your entrance

Your main door should always be built using solid materials. As per Vastu, you need to choose between metal and wood to make a substantial house for your home. The main door should always be more significant than any other door in the house, and it should be at least 7 feet high and 3 feet wide. At the same time, you must ensure that it appears more significant than any other door, even though the design or symmetry is to be followed. It is perfect for placing a metal nameplate at the home entrance. 

The simpler the invention, the better it will be. Cleanliness should always be maintained at your entry as per the best astrologer in UAE. If your house’s entrance door opens anticlockwise, it could lead to some Vastu shastra defects.

Vastu shastra for your living room

The living room is the area that sees a lot of action during the day, more of the social space. The living room is mainly the area where every member of your family gathers to catch up with each other. It is the place where you would like to relax after a long day at work. This is also the place where we would relax and entertain your guests. All these things make the living room a significant area. 

As per Vastu shastra, the living room of your house should be located in the east direction first, depending on the location of your living room. Vastu prescribes different paint colors for the living room and is mainly placed in the east, the law ruled by the sun. It would be best if you always wore white or painted the living room. 

If the living room is Nestled in the West, Saturn will rule the direction. It would be best if you went for the blue color, mainly light shades of yellow and green are perfect for the living room. Please consider placing your furniture in the West or the southwest direction of your living room.

Vastu shastra for your kitchen

The best astrologer in Saudi Arabia suggest that Vastu shastra emphasizes how the kitchen should be built and maintained, so it helps block negative energy and attracts optimism, health, and well-being. It creates a perfect balance among the five elements: water, air, Skype fire, and earth. 

Vastu shastra for your bathroom

The area is majorly attracting a lot of negative energy and also leads to an imbalance among all the five elements. This is why much attention should be paid to incorporating Vastu rules and regulations in building and maintaining bathrooms in your house. It is always recommended that the bathroom not share any wall with your pooja room or kitchen, as water and fire are opposite elements. 

You should avoid taking a bath while the geyser is still on. The bathroom should be wiped thoroughly, so it dries quickly after every bath. If the bathroom shares any wall with your bedroom, you should always place the bed so that it does not recline against your bathroom walls. Bathrooms should have proper ventilation so the negative energies do not get trapped. Your bathroom should also have access to an optimal amount of sunlight and windows that open towards the east or the West.


Before you do any Graha Pravesh in your house, you should not shift any of your belongings to your new home. Experts recommend that everything must be moved only after you do the pooja. You can follow the tips mentioned above to make the most of your Vastu shastra.


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