Ways to attach the canopy to your UTE


If you have a UTE, you know that having a shelter to cover yourself from the sun is essential. However, attaching the canopy securely to your vehicle’s frame can be challenging. Fortunately, several methods can be used to ensure it remains firmly attached to your vehicle at all times.

Installing to your UTE’s frame is an easy task

You should drill holes in both the frame and canopy, but make sure you do it in the same spot on each surface. This ensures that they are going to be lined up correctly when you go to screw them together.

You will also want to drill a slightly larger hole than your screws so that they have room for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes over time. If you don’t do this, your screws may crack or fall out of place due to the expansion and contraction of the materials.

Another way to secure it 

You can secure the fixture using a carpenter’s square against the UTE’s side and inside of the bed. This will ensure that it is attached firmly to your UTE. You can also use bolts to secure the canopy if those are available.

First, take measurements of specific areas of your vehicle

You can also attach the fixture to your vehicle by taking measurements such as the distance between two bolts on your vehicle’s sides or just behind the seat.

Once you have taken these measurements, mark them on the frame and cover. Then drill holes into both pieces at these marked points and insert bolts through both pieces using washers and nuts. Tighten them securely in place until they are snugly attached to each other without creating any gaps between them.

Bolts placed under the flooring of your vehicle

One other way of ensuring that your fixture is secured firmly to your UTE is by using bolts placed under your vehicle’s flooring. 

The first step is to find where the best place would be on your vehicle’s floor pan so that it doesn’t interfere with anything else inside or outside of your ute (e.g., seats or seatbelts). To do this, you need to use a carpenter’s square. This should help ensure that everything goes together correctly once all parts are cut out according to size measurements taken earlier.

Next, create holes using either a drill bit designed specifically for metal work or one designed for woodworking projects such as drilling into timber surfaces (if using an electric drill). Next up, weld those bolts into place using either an automatic welding machine like those used when working with copper piping systems throughout houses today. Or alternatively, use TIG handheld torches. These look similar but require less power because they don’t require electricity just yet and still allow users complete control over heat levels which means perfect results every time.

Removing a portion of the carpet covering

To attach the fixture to your ute using bolts, all you need to do is remove a portion of the carpeting covering every bolt under the flooring so that you can easily access them. Then, use a socket wrench to remove each bolt before attaching the canopy with nuts and washers. Finally, replace all bolts into their holes and tighten them down until they are snug but not overly tight (you don’t want to strip out your bolts).


Hopefully, these tips will help you in your quest to find a way to make your Australian UTE more functional.

By John

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