What Causes Leaky Taps and How to Repair Them

What Causes Leaky Taps and How to Repair Them - Plumbing Services

Did you know a leaky tap can waste tens of litres of water per day, which can cost you thousands of rupees in the form of hefty water bills? It could also lead to lowering our water table day by day, which could cause draughts in many areas until 2030, and our whole country could run out of water by 2040. Both situations are upsetting. Right! What’s the solution? One of the best solutions to this problem is regular inspection and maintenance through professional plumbing services.

In this way, you will not only save a lot of water for humanity but also a good amount of money for yourself. Hence, why not keep your leaky taps inspected and maintained? Here are the most common causes of leaky taps and the most effective solutions to these issues.

Common Causes of Leaky Taps and Solutions

In this article, you will track down some of the most common causes of leaky taps and the most sought-after solutions:

Improper Installation

Sometimes, you roll up your sleeves and start DIY plumbing repairs. It is an awesome idea if you have got professional skills and tools to fix your plumbing problems effectively. In this way, you can not only save your money but also find the right use for your spare time.

No doubt, installing a tap does not require too much professional training, but it does not mean fitting it into the water pipe makes it work properly. At least, you must know the minor hacks that experts use to make it work.

If you start installing your taps without any knowledge or skills, it can prove harmful. How? You might end up installing your tap in the wrong way, which can lead to frequent leaks that can skyrocket your water bills.


If you want your taps to work without any hassle for a long time, you should not mess with them on your own if you do not possess basic skills and tools. Instead, book specialized plumber services in Lahore for proper installation and optimum functioning of your tap.

Professional service providers make sure your taps are working properly without any leakage that can lead to wastage of tens of litres of water. So, what are you waiting for? If your tap is leaking, let the experts look into the matter.

Faulty O-ring

An O-ring is a small, circular, rubber ring which is present in the stem screw where the tap joins the water pipe. Sometimes, it begins to malfunction due to lack of maintenance, which can lead to deterioration and loosening.

When this small circular ring becomes faulty, it can not hold the water inside, letting it flow outward. It can end up wasting a lot of water. And you have to switch on your water pump again and again. As a result, your water and electricity bills skyrocket, making a huge dent in your wallet.


According to professional plumbing services in Karachi, the most effective solution to this issue is regular inspection and maintenance. You can find out the problem with this ring before it goes wrong and leaks. You can repair it or replace it on time.

You can inspect your taps on your own to see whether they are leaking or not. Otherwise, you can schedule a regular visit by a skilled plumber for better inspection and repair.

Higher Water Pressure

Higher water pressure is the silent cause of your leaky taps. How? Let me clear this out. Imagine! The water pressure is too high and there is no way out as all the showers, taps, and hose pipes are closed. What will happen?

The water will start looking for a way out, whether it is a leak, crack, or loose O-ring. If there is any loose point along the whole pipe line, it will be found out and will start leaking from there.

It can also cause the normal taps to leak when they cannot hold the water inside due to very high water pressure. The water rushes to the small points of cracks, leaks, and holes and leaks out.


If you have inspected your leaky tap very carefully but did not find any visible cause, the higher water pressure can be the culprit. You must be thinking: what should you do now?

Nothing, because it is not your job if you do not have professional skills and tools. You just stay at home, search “plumbing services near me” in your search engine, and find a skilled plumber in town.

Professional plumbers will trace the problem and fix it as soon as possible in a stress-free and hassle-free way.

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