What exactly are these things that Google calls “Web Stories”?

Google Web Stories

Visual slideshows are what we call web storytelling. They rose to prominence with the advent of Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. The AMP technology is what’s powering the web stories, and Google is the one who owns them currently.

Web stories provide users with a dynamic reading experience that loads quickly and fills the entire screen. A common online narrative may include interactive animations and tappable elements to keep the reader interested. Visual tales may be included into the stories by the creators using any mix of video, audio, still images, animation, and text.

When compared to tales on Instagram or Facebook, Google Web Stories have the distinct benefit of allowing users to publish their stories on their own websites. You may also include a call to action to urge them to check out your website if they haven’t already. You may also incorporate links and Google AdWords on your website in addition to calls to action.

In addition to being on your website, the Google Web stories may also show up in Google Searches and Google Discover, in addition to being accessible via Google Images. Continue reading this tutorial in order to have an understanding of how to activate their appearances. You, as a creator, have access to all of these tools, and you can use them to write tales without having to do any code.

What do Google Stories do?

Google Web Stories gives anyone who create material the ability to host and maintain ownership of their work throughout the internet. A web tale is a series of photographs, videos, texts, or audio files, or a stunning mix of all of these elements. Unlike stories on Instagram or Facebook, online stories do not disappear after being seen.

Google has referred to their implementation of web stories as ‘amazingly entertaining,’ ‘best in class,’ and ‘fully immersive.’

A number of companies have started using Google Web Stories as a way to interact with their target audiences. Here are some examples:





USA Today



The Ninth Group

The Times of India (in English)

Where Can You Find Google’s Story Results?

One of the most unique aspects of Google Web Stories is the fact that they may be shown in any location throughout the internet. This is what differentiates Google Web Stories from the products offered by their rivals.

In Regards To Your Website

However, Google Web Stories may be watched on the creator’s own website, but Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories can only be viewed on their respective platforms.

Because there are no restrictions placed on the content, the publisher may write tales for any website, animate any component, and make the entire experience of their audience richer. This is in contrast to the applications that are offered by other rivals.

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Google Discover

This is a relatively recent upgrade that took place (in October 2020), when Google acquired online stories to add to Discover. The Google Web Stories will soon be available on Android and iOS devices in the form of a carousel towards the top of the feed. This feature is now available in the United States of America, India, and Brazil. They can also be found in the form of a single card, which is sold in the United States.

Viewers may easily navigate between the tales, touch on a story, and then enjoy a full-screen and immersive experience. This process is really straightforward. Tap the screen to advance to the next slide, then swipe left or right to see the following tale.

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Google’s search engine

Google web stories are also included in the search results, just like a regular web page would be. Marketers may utilise web stories to get an advantage over rivals; doing so will boost the accessibility

and credibility of your website from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In the Google Searches, you can find them both in grid view and as individual search results. The grid view displays many

online stories coming from a variety of sites and may be accessed in the United States. The singular result is accessible in any and all areas and languages served by Google Search.

Google Images

In addition to appearing in Google Images with their own dedicated icon, online articles published by Google are also accessible in every language and territory where Google Search is made available.

With Regard to Your Publications

Due to the fact that they are stored on your servers, Google Web Stories may be utilised virtually everywhere. The online shops may be integrated into a variety of digital communication channels,

including electronic mail and digital brochures, for example.

They are available on a Wide Variety of Devices!

Web stories written by marketers may be formatted to display correctly on browsers for a variety of devices,

including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Your narratives will be activated across a variety of device sizes and presentation formats thanks to AMP technology.

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