What happened between Chip and Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines Affair

When the initial Fixer Upper accusations of Joanna Gaines’ affair with a coworker, Jordan Cocke, appeared in November 2017, some fans were taken completely by surprise, but many others weren’t. New information regarding the cheating scandal is currently making its way online, and it appears that things may not be as clear-cut as some fans had thought. Jordan Cocke, but, who? And was the Joanna Gaines affair real? Here is what we currently know.

What happened between Chip and Joanna Gaines

There is no denying the power of Chip and Joanna’s union. However, it wasn’t always that that. They initially met while they were both in college and Chip was on his way to becoming a professional baseball player (he was eventually scouted by three MLB teams).

Eventually, Chip gave up on his dream of becoming a professional baseball player and began working as a mortgage broker instead. Additionally, Chip apparently fell head over heels for Joanna when he first met her at one of his seminars. Chip broke up with his previous partner when he met Joanna.

The couple’s four children—Drake, Ellery, Duke, and Emmie Kay—were wed in 2003. Their Instagram postings show that there doesn’t appear to be any disagreement between them at all (Chip particularly enjoys uploading pictures of his family).

Is Chip angry at his wife for reporting him to police?

The idea that Chip and Joanna Gaines had a wonderful marriage has been muddled by the allegations that Chip cheated on his wife. In Touch magazine broke the news of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ affair, alleging that he had not only strayed on his wife but also mistreated her.

According to In Touch, Chip is charged of cheating on his wife in a new book titled The Magnolia Story. Chip’s wife also happens to be one of the most well-known TV personalities on HGTV. Chip and Joanna dispute frequently, a source who spoke with In Touch said. Chip has been attempting to get away from her for years.

She is absolutely despised by him. Their family has long kept a close secret about Chip’s adulterous escapades while they were still married. Joanna was aware of it, too! Their children knew about it!

Friends knew about it! No one, though, dared to speak up since they didn’t want to ruin their reputation. However, Chip insists on his innocence, saying, “I am profoundly upset by this news.” He made this claim in a statement that was made public to People magazine.

When did this alleged affair take place?

The Chip and Joanna Gaines affair appears to have occurred while they were hosting HGTV’s Fixer Upper, which wrapped up its fourth season in October 2016. The specifics surrounding the affair remain unclear.

The real puzzle is why Chip waited until now to criticise his ex-wife on social media if he was aware of her alleged infidelity prior to their divorce. When did he discover? Why didn’t he raise his hand earlier? What, if anything, does Joanna Gaines think about these most recent accusations?

There are currently more issues with the Joanna Gaines situation than there are answers.

How did Joanna learn of her husband’s cheating?

According to the sources, during one of his few trips to Waco, Texas, Chip allegedly told Joanna about his friendship with Keller, whom he had known before Fixer Upper was filmed.

In the beginning of 2017, Chip returned to Waco to meet with Keller, following which she left the city. When Chip arrived home, Joanna reportedly questioned him about his trip. Since then, he has not shown.

Chip, though, is adamant that he didn’t do anything wrong and that the only mistake he made was waiting too long to tell Joanna what had transpired between him and Keller. Joanna divorced her spouse a year ago and has since made an effort to move on with her life. She appeared on Dancing With The Stars as a guest judge alongside professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy even in season 12.

The effect on their marriage

Since there are many websites that spread relationship rumours, like Pajiba, when you search for Chip and Joanna Gaines, it is not surprising if they become the focus of allegations involving his alleged adultery.

However, there is currently no proof that these rumours are real. At this point, all we know about Chip and Joanna, who have been married for five years, is that they have filed for divorce.

Even though he may have been having an affair before filing, we have no idea why or how long it may have lasted.

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