What Is The Future of SMS Marketing? Detail Analysis

SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective mobile marketing channels. It’s also one of the oldest. SMS marketing has been around for decades, but it’s still a very powerful way to reach your target audience. There are over 6 billion active cellphone users worldwide, and more than 3.5 billion of those active users have access to SMS marketing services. Even in this digital age, people still love to receive text messages from their friends and family members. They’re an excellent way to stay in touch with someone you care about or even just want to sell something to! In this blog post, we’ll give you a brief overview of what is the future of SMS Marketing? We will discuss some pros and cons of using SMS as a marketing channel, as well as give some tips on how you can use Canadian short code effectively in your own marketing strategy.

What Is The Future of SMS Marketing?

We can understand the present and the past of a marketing channel very well. But what about its future? Obviously, we can’t predict the future of any product or service but we can make some assumptions based on its current position in the market. SMS marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It is also one of the most cost-effective tools available to marketers. Even though SMS marketing has been around for a while, it will continue to grow as people become increasingly reliant on their smartphones. The number of text messages sent every year is expected to increase as well.

Why SMS Marketing Is Important

People have been using SMS to communicate with each other for decades. Once mobile phones hit the market, SMS became an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with customers and potential customers as well. Targeting your customers through their cell phones is beneficial because it is quick and easy. You don’t need to wait for the customers to come to you, you can send them information whenever you want. Also you can target your customers when they are on the go. You can send them information about a sale or a new product that they can purchase while they are in their cars, at the grocery store, or at work.

Pros of Using SMS Marketing

  • Instant delivery – if you are targeting customers who are on the go, there is no better option than SMS.
  • Reach – more than 3.5 billion people have access to SMS marketing.
  • Frequency – you can send information to your customers over and over again. – Easy design – there are many tools that make designing and sending text messages very easy.
  • No noise – unlike social media, email marketing, or other forms of marketing, there is no noise associated with SMS marketing.
  • Easy to measure – you can track the number of messages you send and the number of people who open those messages.
  • Low cost – compared to other forms of marketing, SMS is very low cost.

Cons of Using SMS Marketing

  • Low open rates – in 2019, the average open rate for SMS messages is around 15%.
  • Customers have to opt-in – you have to have the cellphone numbers of your customers in order to send them text messages.
  • Impact on the environment – sending SMS messages uses a lot of power.
  • Limited by the number of characters – if you go over the 160-character limit, your message might get cut off.
  • Disposability – people usually delete messages that they don’t open right away.
  • No analytics – unlike email marketing, you don’t get any information about how your message was received.

How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively

  • Know your audience – before you start any SMS marketing campaign, you need to know who your audience is.
  • Keep it short – people don’t have the attention span they used to have. Shorter text messages are better than long messages.
  • Use familiar language – you don’t have to use fancy language or terminology to sound professional. Use language that your customers will understand.
  • Use a consistent format – if you are sending frequent text messages, make sure that they are consistent. The format of your messages should be the same every time.
  • Keep it relevant – don’t send out advertisements for products that don’t have anything to do with your customers.
  • Stay away from sales pitches – don’t send out sales pitches unless you have a very effective strategy.
  • Use humor – humor is a good way to engage your customers and make them remember your business.


SMS marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. But it is also one of the most cost-effective tools available to marketers. With the number of active cellphone users projected to increase in the future, the popularity of SMS marketing is expected to continue as well. There are many pros to using SMS marketing. Your customers can get information from you instantly, they can get information while they are on the go, and it is easy to send the same message to many people at the same time.

There are also several cons to using SMS marketing. The open rates are low, customers have to opt-in before you can send them messages, and the limited number of characters puts a limit on the length of your messages. If you want to use SMS marketing, make sure you use it effectively. Keep in mind that your customers have limited attention spans these days. Make sure your message is short and relevant so people will actually read it.

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