What Is the Most Powerful Form of Blogging Marketing?

Forget your email list.

Stop obsessing over capture pages.

Do not spend another second toying around with a heat map.

Stop dawdling on your blogging sidebar. Now you can easily increase the number of visitors on your website when you buy website traffic.
Being generous is hands down the most powerful form of blogging marketing for 2 clear reasons:

  • being generous improves your skills, impressing readers and driving traffic and boosting sales
  • being generous increases your exposure, impressing readers and driving traffic and boosting sales

What does being generous mean?

Help people for free with zero expectations.

Take this morning; I woke up, did a little meditating, grabbed 24 ounces of water and a coffee and got to work. After checking my blog comments I published a post on Blogging From Paradise and published this guest post, too. I published each post to help people for free and have zero expectations in doing so. Nobody pays me directly for the act of writing and publishing both posts. Nobody sends me money to do each because I am not working a job. Nor am I freelancing.

I expect nothing from publishing each post because expectation creates the heavy, fear-based-burden of attachment. Nope. I just keep being generous by helping people for free and expecting nothing.

Powerful Blogging Marketing

The post on my blog and this guest post go out into the blogging tips Universe, increasing my exposure in the blogging tips niche. Increased exposure helps me be seen by more people. Since I have generously written and published many blog posts I have 10,000 plus hours of writing practice which improved my blogging skills.

Imagine a skilled blogger who appears to be all over the place through their massive exposure: of COURSE this blogger markets their blog, their business and their brand powerfully. If you know your stuff and tons of people you know, you will tap into a most powerful form of blogging marketing.

Being generous has no downsides and infinite upsides but you should be generous for months, then years, to genuinely access the power of helping people for free and expecting nothing.

I generously helped people for free 831 times on this blog alone. Every time someone scrolls through Blogging Tips they keep seeing my name again and again, dropping value, giving me massive exposure. Every time one of my guest posts get shared on Twitter or Facebook, more people see me. Plus my writing game is tight after writing 800 blog posts.

Toss in the 1200 guest posts I published on other blogs and the 2,000 plus posts I published on Blogging From Paradise and you see why helping people for free is the most powerful form of blog marketing; you’re everywhere!

Exposure Problem

Most bloggers yield skills but have exposure problems. Nobody knows who they are. But helping people for free by:

  • guest posting on blogs in your niche
  • commenting genuinely on blogs in your niche
  • promoting bloggers on your blog
  • promoting bloggers on social media

increases your exposure, builds your friend network and boosts your traffic and profits. After you open income streams, when a bunch of people see you, and notice you know your stuff, you make money.

Stop suffering from exposure problems. Be generous. Help people for free. Release expectations. Feel good about serving people for free. The skills and exposure you gain steadily increase your traffic and profits. Being everywhere and knowing your stuff leads to an increase in blogging income, blog traffic and brand exposure. Being generous sets this delicious process in motion.

Think like an entrepreneur.

Help people for free with zero expectations.


Trust in the process.

Soon enough, you will be helping people for pay.

My Exact Blogging Strategy!

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What 2 Qualities Seem Consistent with Struggling Bloggers?

Sometimes I place sponsored posts on my blog. Most of the time, payment arrives in 24-48 hours. Other times, people disappear. Imagine a blogger with an established following placing a sponsored post for your business. You receive immense benefits for the post. Before placing the post, you agree to a set price. Everything is in place. But after the blogger places the post, you vanish. You disappear. No emails. No payment. Nothing.

I have experienced this a few times during my blogging career. During early days I would:

  • angrily follow up with the client
  • complain to my followers
  • hem, huff and harang the individual
  • strip links
  • delete posts

But now I take a different tact; I just move on. Why? The less I fear losing money from a poverty-stricken sponsored post client, the more money I make through other channels. Money is funny like that. You may appear to lose it but if you do not fear, panic and believe it is lost, you make more and more money through all channels.

But poverty-stricken bloggers who can greedily or desperately use a service and refuse to pay are like someone who dines and dashes; on one level, seemingly despicable scum bags, but on another level, so afraid of losing money that they do really thoughtless, silly stuff.

People who avoid paying money for service rendered also display a quality common to most struggling bloggers: the fear of spending money.

1: Struggling Bloggers Fear Spending Money

I noted the aforementioned sponsored post clients. I placed the post. They get traffic and exposure and alignment with my brand. They disappear. Living in a state of poverty and panic makes you do dumb, greedy, desperate, selfish stuff, and of course, dumb, greedy, desperate, selfish bloggers struggle 100% of the time.

Plus struggling bloggers fear to buy:

  • a domain
  • hosting
  • a premium theme
  • a blogging course

Spend money to do blogging right. Leave your struggles behind. Every blog and every business requires a financial investment to become successful.

Note; please, pay for your sponsored posts and other services. Some bloggers involve lawyers – you do not want to deal with that – and if you do not face your fear of losing money, you will lose money and struggle in blogging and life, forever.

2: Struggling Bloggers Fear Seizing Opportunities Immediately

I have opened a guest posting on Blogging From Paradise.

Some bloggers pitch me ideas. I accept. 3, 4 or 7 days later, I see no guest post. Sometimes, 1 month passes before I see a guest post. These bloggers are not Zac Johnson or Darren Rowse, being the most successful, busiest bloggers on earth.

Fear seizes these bloggers who fear seizing opportunities immediately.

During those 30 full days you did not write a 600 word blogging tips post and send to me, I wrote and placed 150 to 300 guest posts plus published 150 posts on my blog. Who do you think gains more exposure? The blogger who seizes opportunities like he breathes, publishing hundreds of valuable posts, or bloggers who fearfully wait on the sidelines?

Calmly but clearly seize opportunities like you breathe. Have you made $10,000,000 through blogging yet? No? Seize every opportunity imaginable to work for free so you can work for pay and become wildly successful.

Struggling bloggers delay, play around, hesitate and have such a fear of criticism and failure that they spend countless hours on a 600-1000 word post, obsessing over getting it perfect. You do not succeed by seizing 1, 5 or 10 opportunities. You succeed by seizing tens of thousands of opportunities. So….seize ’em.

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