Which Type of Water Tank is Best for Your House?

If you have moved to a newly built house or you are going to upgrade your old water tank, you are at the right place. Specialized water tank cleaning services are making it easy for you to decide whether to install a plastic or concrete water storage tank in your house.

Here is a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of both types of water storage tanks. You can give this article a careful read and decide which water storage tank suits your needs and wallet. We are leaving it to you to opt for either of the two water storage tanks.

Pros and Cons of Concrete and Plastic Tanks

In this article, you will come to learn the pros and cons of both concrete and plastic tanks. It will help you to make a decision whether you should install a plastic or concrete water tank in your house.

Pros of Concrete Tank

·  Less Expensive

People may think that concrete water tanks need heavier equipment to set up; therefore, these will be costly. It might be a case, but when you are building a new house, it proves to be very cost-effective.

How? It requires very little as compared to the whole house building. A few hundreds of bricks, one or two packs of cement, and a handful of iron bars.

Moreover, it can last longer if you schedule regular water tank cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, the iron bars can start rusting, and your concrete water tank can collapse.

·  Keeps Water Cool

The hard concrete material does not allow heat or sunlight to pass through, which keeps the inside water cool. So, if you want to keep your water cooler without wrapping plastic bags around it, you should opt for a concrete water storage tank.

Cons of Concrete Tank

·  Difficult to Install New Outlets

When it comes to installing new outlets such as water pipes, inlets, or outlets, the concrete water storage tanks lag. You have to break the wall of the concrete water storage tank to install a new outlet, which can also lead to lessening the strength of the overall structure.

· Earthquakes can Damage It

The concrete water storage tanks are an integral part of your house built with the same material. When an earthquake hits your house, the impacts are equally felt by the tank. Therefore, earthquakes can do great damage to your cement-built water storage tanks.

·  Difficult to Clean

You can build your concrete water storage tank according to your water needs. If its top is too wide to cover with a single concrete slit, you might have to use two of them, which can leave a space between them.

The leaves, dust, dirt, and other debris can get easy access, filling your tank with mold and smell. Such a situation makes the water tank cleaning harder for you. The only relief in this situation is you can find an expert cleaner by searching with the keywords “water tank cleaning near me”.

Pros of Plastic Tank

·  Lighter and Easy to Install New Outlets

In the case of plastic water storage tanks, they are made of a thin but stronger sheet of plastic that makes them lighter in weight and easy to handle. Moreover, you do not have to break any of its walls to install a new outlet. If you want one, just add one.

· Can Withstand Earthquake

As these water storage tanks are not made of bricks and cement, they are not susceptible to damage or breakdown during an earthquake hit. The plastic sheet can flex a little but can not break.

·  Easy to Clean

As these are lighter and easy to handle, this makes these water storage tanks easier to clean. No heavy covers are installed on these tanks; you can easily put aside a plastic lid and clean the tank. You will be happy to know that cleaning services also change less to clean a plastic tank as compared to a concrete water tank.

Cons of Plastic Tank

·   Can not Keep Water Cool

The plastic water storage tanks are made up of a thin sheet of plastic that cannot insulate the heat of sunlight. It lets the heat pass through, which heats up the water.


The good news is you can install your water tank in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. In this way, the water in the tank can remain cool.

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