Why should you support a girl’s education?

girls education charity

Many organisations and universities conducted countless results to review the immediate results and long-term impact of educating a girl child. Half of the global population represents women, necessitating the importance of sending girls to school. 

UNICEF has reported that more than 129 million girls across the globe are out of school. More than 264 million children are missing out on school. The expensive school fees make it difficult for families to enrol their kids in an educational institution.

You can help several girls who can not pay for schooling. You just have to donate to a girls education charity. Several charity organisations endeavour to accumulate cash and provide scholarships for passionate girls struggling to make it. Here are some critical reasons that nudge people to educate a girl child.

Better economic development

Girls enrolled in schools will get proper education, which will help them take up jobs and earn money to take care of themselves. As per the World Bank’s estimation, a nation’s GDP may increase up to 10% by investing in girls’ education. 

Moreover, women will have better jobs and wages in the years to come. Countless unemployed young adults around the globe make up most of the world’s population, as they have no proper schooling or training. Many girls attend primary school but do not get the opportunity to complete tertiary education. 

When they can stay in school for a longer time, it will boost their income by 10 – 20 per cent. Though primary schooling is inexpensive, girls quit secondary school due to high fees. This is where you can help them and try donating to a girls education charity. It will benefit the girl child and develop the whole society.

Prevents child mortality

As per UNESCO’s study, girls who have had their primary education can predominantly reduce the child mortality rate. If a girl goes to school, the probability of early pregnancy is less, and it does not affect the girl’s health.

Moreover, educated women have better knowledge about healthcare, decreasing the mortality rate during childbirth, pregnancy, or postpartum. Women who have completed schooling can make better decisions, contributing to healthier children. Moreover, nearly 50% of children under five die from malnutrition, which can be prevented by educating girls. A mother with proper education will be aware of the essential nutrients, and proper nutrition helps in better physical development with overall well-being.

Women will be safe

Educating a girl child protects against various problems a woman faces. From domestic violence to rape and child marriage, educated women have a low risk of violence when compared with uneducated women. When a woman can earn and live independently, she will be against domestic and physical abuse.

Women will be aware of their rights

Education will help reduce the discrimination women have to handle throughout their life. Young females with better awareness of their rights would stand up for themselves in a male-dominated society. With high confidence and freedom, they will make decisions and are well-equipped to battle the challenges.

Wrapping up

Sponsoring a needy girl child to complete her education is exemplary support. There are several benefits when a girl acquires the education she desires. Her life improves, and the lives of people who depend on her also improve gradually. A woman’s income also contributes to the local economy.

By John

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