Why You Should Use an Event Management Software?

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Before delving into the advantages of Event Management Software, it’s important to know how such a solution came to be.

Over the course of history, man has consistently leaned toward innovation in order to make life a little easier. The invention of the wheel facilitated transportation, and the world is already discussing the possibility of actually relocating to another planet!

The times are changing, and technological progress is accelerating. From a simple wheel carved out of wood, innovation has come a long way. However, the occurrence of a need or a problem has always been the primary motivator for innovation.

You don’t have time to go grocery shopping? Simply put, order your groceries online!

Is offline banking too time-consuming and inconvenient? Make payments online, it’s that simple.

With the help of technology, we’ve discovered ways to make things easier and faster.

There were numerous event planning issues that required a quick and simple solution. Most importantly, manually performing a plethora of tasks took a significant amount of time and money. Aside from that, as the frequency of events increased, planning periods became shorter.

As a result, shorter lead times combined with technological advancements resulted in the development of Event Management Software.

“Event management software” refers to a broad category of software products used in the organization of professional and academic conferences, trade shows, conventions, and meetings.

“The global EMS market is expected to grow at an 8.42 percent CAGR from 2016 to 2020.”

So, what aspects of event planning does this software handle?

The following are the characteristics of event management software:

  • Registration and ticketing for events
  • Design of your event’s website and app
  • Promotion of an event
  • Reporting of Events
  • Attendee Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Contract Management
  • Event analytics to keep track of everything

With all of these advantages,

Event management software is an investment with a definite return.

Still not convinced?

Here are five more reasons why an event management software is a perfect investment:

Your event in your hands:

When it comes to utilizing event management software to create your event, every decision is in the hands of the event planner. It is you who decides what information should be displayed on your event website, what kind of posts are being put up for event promotion, what discussions and polls are being initiated on your event networking platform, etc.

Every aspect of your event is, in the end, in your own hands. Instead of coordinating among multiple people in the hierarchy, from event website and promotion strategy to feedback, every part of the process is under your direct supervision. You are the one making the final calls.


Every event planner wants their event to stand out and leave a lasting impression. One of the questions that arise in the mind of an event planner when considering such software is how to distinguish their event from others created using the same software. The simple answer is customization.

Event management software allows for a great deal of customization. Every aspect of your event is customizable, from the placement of your event logo to the color scheme used. You can customize your event website and event app to meet your brand’s needs.

This also aids in event branding. The color scheme you use, the placement of your logos, the event website, and every digital aspect of your event all reflect your brand.

Convenient in terms of time and money:

Event management software combines multiple event planning tasks into a single location. The time and money saved by the event planners is a significant benefit in this case.

Consider this: instead of using separate platforms for multiple tasks such as registrations, ticketing, event website and app creation, e-mail promotion, and so on, you can manage everything from a single source.

Event management software can provide you with the value addition of a number of vendors at a fraction of the cost. Consider how much time you will save by using an event website or an app to coordinate all of these vendors.

Simple to use interface:

As previously stated, event management software was developed to make planning faster and more efficient. As a result, the ultimate user interface of this application is relatively simple to grasp. Often, event planners only need one orientation call and can easily take over.

Event planners are given a dashboard with various features about multiple aspects of planning, such as event website, collaboration platform, event analytics, etc. You need to fill in certain pre-requisite information, customize it to your liking, and be ready to go.

You can build a visually appealing event website incorporated with an event networking platform and an event app that works in tandem with your event website. All of this with just a few mouse clicks.

Simplified registration and ticketing:

An event planner can use event management software to directly integrate registrations, ticketing, and payment into their event website. This simplifies things tremendously. Attendees find it tedious and perplexing to be requested to use different portals for registration and ticketing.

It is also tricky for event organizers to track and coordinate registrations and create a proper attendee database. You can set up registrations and ticketing all in one place with the help of event management software.

Patrons can register on your event website, then select the type of ticket they want to buy and pay through a payment portal sponsored on your domain. You can also track your ticket drop off in real-time on the event website. This allows you to better strategize in terms of increasing ticket sales.

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