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Cable tray accessories are an essential part of any cable management system. They provide support and stability for the cables and keep them organized and protected. Choosing the right accessories is critical to ensuring your system is effective and efficient.

At Al Fazal Engineering Cable Tray, we manufacture high-quality cable tray accessories that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our products are made from heavy-duty materials and are designed to withstand the harshest environments. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you create a cable management system that meets your unique requirements.

Cable Tray Types

There are a few different types of cable trays on the market today. The most popular type is the welded steel tray, which is strong and can hold a large weight. Galvanized cable tray is another option, which offers protection against corrosion.

Finally, there is also the extruded aluminum cable tray, which is lightweight and easy to install. Choosing the correct type of cable tray for your needs is essential for a safe and successful installation.

1.      Ladder Cable Tray

Ladder cable trays are an excellent way to provide system strength and protect against damage from heavy loads and sharp edges. These ladders can be purchased with various materials, including aluminum or steel. They come in different sizes (6 inches wide for small networks up 18″) as well height options like 3″, 6″ ,9″. You’ll find that there’s one that fits whatever you need it too. Whether its power behind an electrical panel versus light duty pulling above floor level at home

2.      Channel Cable Tray

Channel Cable Trays are a great way to support your cables while keeping them out of sight. Made with the latest in materials. These trays will look good and stand up against wear and tear from installation activities such as pulling or pushing on them whenever needed! A one-piece design makes setup quick & easy.

Plus, there’s no need for conduit since everything fits into just 3 inches deep, which means less clutter too! Whether you want an aluminum finish that matches most appliances” steel hulls, Heat Defense grade crimping capabilities. We have got something perfect for every situation at hand, so get yours now before they run

3.      Trough Cable Trays

A cable tray that is 3 times stronger and 21 times stiffer than flat sheet bottoms? It sounds like your new best friend for those pesky cables! The ventilation or solid bottom within longitudinal side members provides great support with every 4-inch span providing extra protection against wear from travel across complex surfaces.

This type of installation is generally seen in moderate heat generating applications such as control room networks. Where you need short to intermediate distance spans ranging between 5 feet up 20+ ft. But can be used anywhere there’s a need.

4.      Single Rail Cable Tray

Single Rail Center Supported Cable Trays are an excellent option for projects that don’t require dual side rails. It gives time and money saving. either by running them transversely across both top or bottom tubular in one long bundle depending on preference using AL Fazal Rungs. Which come already attached along each rail (for faster splice times) Centray EZ Clip Connectors which connect two sections together quickly without any laborious.

5.      Cable Way Cable Tray

The Al-Fazal Way is a simple, yet elegant cable support system. When you need to keep your wiring hidden from view or maintain an economical cost per foot of installation. This product will serve as the perfect solution with its smooth bottom and an optional cover. That can be installed on top for extra protection against dust both inside AND out.

This fast-shipping option means quick delivery right at the time we order it. So there’s no waiting around longer than necessary which also helps us get back into business quickly after any natural disasters strike (or other unfortunate events).

6.      Fiberglass Cable Tray

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) cable trays provide reliable support in the harsh environment of oil rigs and gas platforms. The components incorporate UVA inhibitors flame resistant materials like polyester 680 or vinyl ester 1025 with a class 1 rating for maximum safety against fire damage. They also have self-extinguishing properties according to ASTM D635 standards – all this without being conductive.

AL Fazal’s fiber-reinforced plastics are proven winners. When it comes down to durability: their durable yet lightweight design allows them stand up against corrosion better than traditional steel designs. While still offering high load capacity thanks largely due its unique pultrusion technology which makes these.

7.      Wire Mesh Wire Basket Cable Tray

Wire Mesh Cable Trays in Pakistan are designed to provide the lightest weight and most durable support for your data communication or fiber optic cables. The double surface offers better stability, saving you time on those heavier-duty job sites. Where steel is necessary but not always easy to find.

Our range includes zinc plated wire mesh trays that will stay cool in the summer heat. While staying warm during winter painted finishes give them an elegant look. So, they blend seamlessly into any environment without sacrificing function at all times – even if it’s wet weather outside!

8.      Perforated Cable Tray

Innovate your cable management with the revolutionary Al-Fazal Engineering. With perforated trays available in widths up to 900mm, you can install cables faster than ever! The design features 12×8 slot patterns. Which are ideal for most tie-downs, including M6 fixings. So get ready because this is going places where they had never been gone before!!

Heavy-duty perforated cable trays are the perfect choice to support your heavy load over longer spans. These flanges feature high-quality steel, durable welds, and reliable strain relief for long lasting use!

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