How to Care For a Cotton Silk Saree

Kanjivaram cotton silk sarees are lightweight and breathable, perfect for daily wear. To maintain maximum visibility under these sarees, pair with darker bottoms so your legs do not blend in to the fabric too easily.

Choose a saree featuring floral or block prints for a strikingly different look; these easy-care sarees can also help complete the ensemble.


Cotton silk saree are timeless garments that look fantastic no matter the occasion or body type of their wearer. Due to its versatile beauty and versatility, cotton silk sarees have long been beloved favorites among women of all ages and body types alike. When wearing it with minimal jewellery to avoid an unnatural costume-like aesthetic.

Cotton-silk fabric is highly breathable and easily adapts to changing temperatures. Furthermore, its easy care requires only machine washing – however direct sun exposure could cause discoloration of your saree! To ensure longevity of use and its beauty for years to come.

There is an array of cotton silk sarees on the market, such as Chanderi, Jamdani and Manglagiri styles. Each one of these lightweight yet luxurious sarees are handwoven from pure silk and cotton threads for easy drapeability and an exquisite lustre, making them a pleasure to wear for many seasons ahead. Additionally, their high quality finish means durability is assured as well.


Silk fabric is luxurious and caresses your skin gently, yet is easy to care for; simply use mild detergent when washing and hang to dry after each wear. Before doing this, please read and follow any manufacturer recommendations; for instance some sarees may only require dry cleaning.

If you don’t have access to a professional dry cleaner, hand washing your silk saree is still possible; but you should understand the process and know how best to approach it. Long soak times could cause its color to fade significantly.

Storage of silk sarees must also be done properly to avoid fading and tearing, so wrapping each in muslin cloth before placing them away can help avoid the use of cedar closets or spaces with mothballs. Finally, starching after every wash will help preserve its crispness while staying stain-free.

Easy to drape

Cotton silk sarees aren’t just lightweight and easy to drape; they also boast stunning looks! Woven with golden zari borders and pallus, these stunning pieces make the ideal formal attire choice. These vibrant styles come in various vibrant hues to fit into any formal event or formal celebration!

When cleaning your cotton-silk saree, always use warm, lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent. Avoid vigorous wringing as this may cause it to lose its color and shrink over time. Also try not storing damp sarees in direct sunlight as these may fade over time.

After each wash, cotton-silk sarees should be starched to prevent them from stiffening up and maintain their crispiness. Furthermore, store them in an airy cupboard without humidity and moisture levels for proper storage – and consider using talcum powder to absorb oil or cosmetic stains on them with ease!

Easy to maintain

Silk sarees should generally be dry-cleaned, though you can also handwash yours with extra care and attention. Before beginning to wash your silk saree, ensure you have all of the appropriate materials such as fabric detergent, bucket, two clean cotton towels and liquid stain remover in stock for added protection from color fading and shrinkage.

Once your saree has been washed, gently pat it with a towel to soak up excess moisture. Do not squeeze or stretch the silk fabric – instead allow it to air-dry under an indirect sunlight source for best results.

Talcum powder can help absorb oil stains on sarees as well as lipstick stains, while ironing on low settings before storage will help ironing silk sarees more smoothly and reduce wrinkles and discolouration. Also avoid metal and wooden racks as these can discolour over time or produce musty smells; plastic storage may lead to stretching or even tearing of fabric sarees.

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