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US citizens can apply for an Indian visa electronically. There are five types of e-Visas and 14 physical visas. These types of visas can be used for business and medical purposes. For other types of visas, see the Indian tourist visa. You can also get a Multiple-entry visa, a re-entry permit, and an Indian student visa. Read on to learn more about each type.

Business e-Visa

Applicants should bear in mind that e-Visa is valid for a year from the date of issue. Likewise, an e-Visa issued for medical or business purposes stays valid for up to four months. If you want to transit through India without having to change your visa, it is better to apply for an e-Visa. This way, you won’t have to go through a long queue at the airport or border.

An e-Business visa is a valid travel document that allows a foreign national to enter the country for business purposes. Unlike tourist visas, this document is valid for 180 days. The applicant must show proof of sufficient funds to support themselves in India. During the trip, the applicant must carry a copy of the approved business e-Visa India authorisation. The e-Visa is also valid for 180 days, so it’s worth checking with the government beforehand.

Medical e-Visa

To apply for an Indian Medical e-Visa for a US citizen, you will need a letter from a hospital in India. This letter should include information on the patient, his or her passport number, date of birth, nationality, and visa number. You will also need the name of the hospital you will be visiting. Your passport must have a minimum validity of six months after arrival in India and two blank visa stamp pages.

You can also apply for an e-Medical attendant visa if you are accompanying a patient in India. This type of visa is granted to two family members of the patient. The attendant visa is valid for three separate visits in India within the validity period of sixty days. Your attendant visa will have the same validity as your e-Medical visa. If you need to accompany a patient in the hospital, the e-Medical visa will grant you entry three times in one calendar year.

Multiple-entry visa

If you are an American citizen, it is important to get an Indian visa as soon as possible. The requirement for a multiple-entry Indian visa can change frequently, so you should apply early. The best way to avoid waiting in long lines at the Indian border is to apply for your visa online. You can also choose to have it expedited through a registered visa expediting service. Once your visa is issued, you can travel to India as often as you wish.

To apply for an India visa, you will need to pay the fee online. You will need to provide a valid method of payment (such as UnionPay or PayPal Account) as well as the Indian visa documents. There are a few popular places in India that you should visit if you are an American citizen. Agra, the capital of Mughal era, is a city full of culture. Another popular destination in India is Ladakh, known as the Little Tibet, which is located in Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh boasts beautiful weather and is full of ancient Buddhist monasteries.

Re-entry permit

If you’re an American citizen, you’ll need to get a re-entry permit to enter India. It’s important to remember that you cannot apply for a re-entry permit if you’ve lived in the country for the last two years, or if you’re a national of one of the following countries: Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, stateless persons, or a Pakistani national.

When applying for an Indian visa, make sure you ask for the correct type. There are several types, including business, medical, and tourist visas. The duration of your American visa varies according to what type of visa you’re applying for, but in general, you can enter India for a maximum of 90 days and come back multiple times during that time. If you plan to stay longer, you must apply for a medical e-Visa.

Application fee

You must pay the application fee for an Indian Business Visa in order to travel to India for business purposes. The fee ranges from USD100 to USD200 and can be paid in cash or by credit or debit card. You can submit your application up to 120 days before you plan to visit India. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation of your visa. Applicants should submit all the required documents along with the application fee.

An Indian visa is valid for 30 days from the time of application approval, and you must use it within the same month. You can apply as early as three weeks before departure. This allows you to arrive at the Indian Consulate three weeks before departure. Once your application is approved, you will have 30 days to enter India. During that time, you can do business as normal or visit relatives or friends. To apply for an Indian visa, follow the instructions carefully.

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