Various Styles Of Lehenga Skirts

Lehenga skirt! This is a topic that is so misinterpreted due to the fact most of the people do not even recognise which skirt we have to select. So, this time we deliver you a unique sort of article “Lehenga Skirt” which isn’t always only for brides but for each and every lady or woman taking part in an Indian marriage ceremony as opposed to the bride. We are telling you approximately special styles of lehengas, which you may put on in any birthday party or wedding.

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Types Of Lehenga – Different Styles Of Lehenga Skirt

Multi Layer Lehenga Skirt

The cut of the skirt of these lehengas is without a doubt unique. They are to be had in a couple of horizontal layers arranged at the exceptional top. These layers have uneven heels and still one-of-a-kind decor arrangements and textures, which expand an out-of-the-way look.

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Banarasi Lehenga Skirt

These lehenga skirts can be had in all sizes however are commonly flared or A-line. Her appearance is pleated however the highlight is on the wealthy silk Banarasi brocade fabric used! They have a hard gold bottom border and others are with no ornamentation. This fashion became popularised by way of the famous style of fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. See extra lehengas from Sabyasachi.

Revealed Lehenga Skirt

These lehenga skirts sport a broadcast floral or textured appearance and are without heavy elements. They are available in summer season colours and are specifically light weight.

Tip: Invest in a single if you’re a guest of honour at a beachside Indian marriage ceremony. Pair it with a sleeveless crop top.

Sharara Reduce Lehenga Style

You should remember that sharara is famous amongst muslims but in case you need to put on something unique but still appear your real traditional version, then you may without a doubt choose this style.

They are not absolutely in shape into the lehenga brigade category as they’re stitched in the middle of the hem like trousers or palazzo, although due to the reality that the flare may be very high, they may be called a partial lehenga.

Panelled Lehenga Fashion

As indicated by using the choice, this lehenga style has horizontal panels stitched like flower petals at the side of the aptitude of the lehenga.

Having a couple of panels inside the lehenga offers the flared quantity of the lehenga and as a result makes the entire look suitable.

Tip: This skirt style is amazing for hourglass, pear and petite body shapes, but not apple, indirect (or rectangular) and lean bodies.

1/2 Saree Lehenga Style

Inspired through the South Indian way of draping the dupatta over the shoulders and around the waist, additionally called pavadai or langa davani or langa voni.

This style of fashion of half saree and 1/2 lehenga aka half saree is gaining a variety of interest this week and is stylish and today’s each day. It is like sporting both saree and lehenga together.

Tip: This skirt works wonderfully for hourglass, pear, apple and tall frame shapes, but do not pass quickly because it will make the character look extra slim as it’s far from a great piece.

It can also be visible as a low flare A-line lehenga. Mothers or aunts of the bride attending weddings can also be seen wearing this new style.

The first-class issue is that despite the fact that you do not want to buy one, you could convert your normal lehenga into one by truly draping a dupatta faithfully like a saree and voila! You are ready to rock the appearance.

Pro tip: For a royal look like above, you can wear a real saree with your lehenga. What are you doing? Remark below!

Skirt With Jacket

This shiny, airy and clean to hold look is appealing as there’s no trouble in wearing or pinning the dupatta. Neither it seems clumsy nor OTT. Instead, it appears extra attractive and might carry out the high-quality in you if it’s miles properly maintained and worn.

The lehenga is stored pretty flamboyantly with zardosi embroidered jackets or delicate weaves on velvet. Also, because of the fact that the hem of the lehenga is pleasant seen through the jacket, it frequently has heavy lace or heavy painting.

With the form of jacket you select, you could pass from rich and stylish to secure as well as understated.

Tip: This may not be cross-dressing for a pear or petite fashioned woman, however is an excellent preference for hourglass, apple, inverted triangle and tall body shapes.

Modified A-Line Maxi Skirt

While the A-line skirt accentuates the most fixed sports, the inverted A-line skirt is for folks that boast of honest-toned hourglass frames. This is because of the truth that this form of lehenga skirt cinches in on the waist and relaxes the hips. The skirt flares from the decreased part of the hips.

Tip: If you have got a small waist and curvy hips, do that appearance! This form of skirt can also be used to create a lehenga-fit appearance!

Trumpet Skirt

Trumpet cut is quite modern day with Shikhar wear and is getting used for fusion ethnic put on as properly! These Lehenga skirts are just like mermaid cut skirts. These are tailor-made till the thighs after which flared into vertical pleats.

Tip: Think Approximately How A Musical Ensemble Or Bachelorette Seems Because This Kind Of Lace Skirt Is Rated As Pure Fusion Fashion. Pair It With A Crop Top To Flaunt The Modern-Day Day Appearance.

Umbrella Skirt

You might even call it in shape-and-flare style! This lehenga skirt is cinched at the waist and flares out from the thighs like an umbrella and is pleated at the bottom. Anita Dongre popularised this fashion in light pastel colorings. Checkout extra Anita Dongre kilts.

By Nadan Niazi

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