What are the must-haves for your bathroom renovation?

The median price of housing units in Parramatta was $605,000, and $1,381,500 for houses in the past year. Someone spending such a massive amount on houses should consider timely renovation, especially if it concerns the bathroom, which adds a lot of value to the property.  

So, if you’ve always wanted to put in that huge garden tub, add a few more vanity cabinets, and maybe install a washer and dryer, it’s time you look for bathroom renovations in Parramatta for an upgrade.

If you don’t have ideas about what to include in renovations, the following section can offer you some important insight. So, keep reading. 

1. Opening up the wall space.

With Parramatta growing 3 per cent each year, a well-renovated bathroom can be excellent for your investment property yielding impressive weekly rents.

Opening up the wall space is one of the basic things you can do to change how your bathroom feels and functions. When you’re using a big mirror as your only light source or create an illusion that there are no walls at all, you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different space—one that’s larger, less claustrophobic and more inviting. The opened-up wall space also allows you to create an accessible shower area for those with limited mobility or dexterity issues. This way, many people will feel more comfortable showering without worrying about stepping over something on their way out.

2. Painting with a light colour.

Painting the walls, ceiling and floor a light colour will help to make your bathroom look brighter and more spacious. Also, light colours are easier to clean than dark colours, which means you’ll be able to keep it looking spotless without having to spend hours washing it down after every use. You can also repaint any damage or wear-and-tear quicker than when using darker shades. 

3. Installing a new laundry area. 

A new laundry area in front of the mirror is a must-have when considering bathroom renovations in Parramatta. Installing a new laundry area in front of the mirror will give you more space to hang up your clothes and make it easier for you to get into your bathroom when needed. You could also install a laundry shelf inside, which would be perfect for storing towels or other essentials that need to be kept out of sight but are easily accessible at all times.

4. Installing a new medicine cabinet.

A new medicine cabinet with a medicine shelf inside it and some storage on top of it is a must-have for your renovation. This is so important because you want to keep your bathroom clutter-free but still have easy access to all the medicines and products you regularly use there. It’s also very convenient for someone else who wants to help out around the house by stocking up on toiletries or even just having an extra cupboard where they can store their supplies as well.

5. Adding a new bathtub enclosure. 

Adding a new bathtub enclosure to make you feel like you are in your bathroom while still being able to easily get into the bathtub from both sides of the enclosure.

The old tub will need to be removed and disposed of before installing your new one, so ensure you have enough space for this project. If there isn’t enough room for both an existing tub and a new one, it may not be worth doing the renovation.

You must have the best materials to keep your bathroom renovation and home improvement projects on the move. The services of a professional are crucial during any renovation project as it helps you avoid mistakes that could lead to additional costs. Decide on which design for your bathroom renovation will be the most suitable for your needs and wants. 

By Michael Caine

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