QiGong Cube, Thunderclap, QiZheng, Square-1, Thunderclap and More

QiYi Cube

If you’re new to QiGong and are looking for a great speedcube, the QiYi Cube is a great option. It’s an affordable, solid cube, making it a great first speedcube. It feels nice in your hand and has a smooth, solid feel.

QiYi Square-1

The QiYi Square-1 is the best Square-1 available in the market. Though it’s a few dollars more expensive than other Square-1s on the market, it still beats them in terms of quality. Its smooth sides and chiseled corners make it a good choice for people who are just starting to learn how to solve a Square-1 puzzle.

Founded by Karel Hrsel and Vojtech Kopsky in 1990, the Square-1 has quickly become a popular puzzle. It has even made its way into the World Cube Association, which hosts thousands of cube-solving competitions every year. The cube’s popularity has led to a few other models, like Square-1 speed cubes.

QiYi Thunderclap

The QiYi Cube Thunderclap is an inexpensive 3×3 magnetic cube that’s super-fast to turn and offers good stability and rotation accuracy. It can even compete with some of the best high-end magnetic cubes. It offers the same stability and precision as other 3×3 cubes, and many consider it the best QiYi cube in its price range.

The QiYi Thunderclap has upgraded internals, including a new anti-pop mechanism. Its pieces also feature tracks to reduce friction and slots to guarantee proper magnet positioning. The QiYi Thunderclap comes in a large box and includes a quality cube bag.

QiYi Sail

QiYi Sail is a type of triangular sail. Its dimensions are 152 by 152 (three times three). It was invented by Erno Rubik in 1974. Its name is derived from the number 152 (3×3), which is a multiple of three.

The new QiYi Sail W is a budget-friendly 3×3 sailboat. It has a new design that is stronger than previous models. Its reinforced mechanism and rounded-off centre cap reduce catching. In addition, the new Sail W has a faster performance than its predecessors.

If you are new to speedcubing, the QiYi Sail 3×3 is a great starter speedcube. The low price makes it an inexpensive option for beginners. It feels smooth and stable right out of the box.

QiYi QiDi

The QiYi QiDi S is a cheap, high-quality cube for beginner cubers. Its surface is scratch-resistant, making it easy for newbies to solve. It is also durable and can be used by experienced cubers for a long time.

The QiYi QiDi is a budget-friendly 2×2 cube that is manufactured by the same company that manufactures the popular QiYi QiDi Cub. It features fast turning right out of the box, and its plastic internals make it easy to control and play with. Beginner cubers will love the QiYi QiDi for its easy turning and affordability.

The QiYi QiDi 2×2 speed cube has several innovations over its predecessor. It uses symmetrical positioning technology, adjustable elasticity, circular angle optimization, and a modern, stylish speed cube color scheme. Its new frosted surface is scratch-proof and does not reflect light, giving it a cleaner look. It also features a symmetrical construction, which results in a more reliable assembly and a beautiful exterior.

QiYi QiZheng S2

The new QiYi QiZheng 5×5 is a refined version of the QiZheng that has improved virage and internal pieces to make a more ergonomic shape. Its lightweight design makes it one of the best 5×5 economy cubes on the market, and its smooth and powerful virage makes it ideal for speed cubing.

The QiYi QiZheng Sail is a 3x3x3 cube that was one of the fastest budget cubes around. This cube was a popular choice for feet solving, but more recently most people have switched to magnetic cubes. Another budget cube is the QiYi Warrior W. This cube is similar to the QiYi MF3RS, but is made of a smoother covering. It is also one of the best cubes on the market for the price.

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